"When the artist is 'there' the image s/he has discovered appears".

Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi (1996)

Frequently Asked Questions & Inspirations

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The dramatic personae of our own imaginations realized as independent entities with a life of their own.

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Gallery of The Less Known

"By descending down into the depths of the soul, and not primarily by a painful acquisition of many manual skills, the artist attains the power of awakening other souls." Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Gallery of the Unknown

"Woody paintings are collected by luminaries, visionaries and champions, they are a garden of colorful human emotions; an array of our collective imaginations, they are transpersonal."

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'It is not what you see, it's what you're looking for that matters most.'

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Frequently Asked Questions

"Painting engages my soul's intrinsic peace until I am reminded that inner peace forms a strong core for everything else".

James e. Woody, 1995.

Art's effects can be correlated in the brain with our empathetic connection and perception of a work of art. Woody's paintings are compositions communicating a message to you, the viewer. That is the cognitive value of the arts.

"When listening at the canvas, I only ask of myself to take the space-time to dwell with the work in its such-ness, making every part of the process a trance inducing play, rather than racing to a foregone conclusion that I hold somewhere in my head."

James e. Woody 1999
Creative visions will survive the digital and the cyber-worlds.

Seek and You will Find!

01. How much does a Woody cost?

Woody paintings are priced according to the age and size of the work. In all cases, paintings are made available through pledges to the Be Sensitive Foundation. To learn more and access invitation click here.


All that I am is dedicated to the beauty found in my hopes and inspirations of my children; April and Alejandro, to you both I give all my love always. Remembered always are the best of friends, having passed on: Robert Lessen, Percy Sutton, Adler Constants, Dwayne Griffin, Vince Pastos, George Ryder Jr. and Jay O'Connor. Further, my sincere appreciation is also given to those organizations who's support has made my dream a reality and to those collectors who so graciously receive my gift.

This website was built as a result of much inspiration and support as provided by artist, collectors, publishers, educators and some very special friends and family members. Although space would not allow honorable mention of everyone, I am compelled to recognize and share my appreciation to those mentioned in this partial list, respectfully including; Rosaline Johnson, Adrielle Roberts, Ann Reade-Moore, Ana Rita, Rhonda Woody, Debra Pinnex, Valerie Coleman, Ileana Moreno, Razia Said, Sharon Dover, Bibi DeAngelo, Barry Blake & Family, Michael Owens, Ron Dunson, Rebecca Watkins, Morris Hayes, Anthony Coleman, Kirk Evans, Khalil Tayob, Jennifer James Pryor, Wayne Calabrese, John Rizzo, Shanga Kapharaoh, George & Rose Rubagumya, William (Dollar Bill) Waller, William Collum, Carl Maultsby, Kenneth Hicks, Nile Rodgers, Karen Turner, William Hopson, Stacy Maupin, Salome Yilma-Deresa, Darryl Gray, Josh Eikov, David Tabask. Moreover, Dee & Eric Watkins, James Warrus & Family, Rebecca Watkins & Family, The Maruoka Family, The Pichardo Family, The Drago Family, The Sankey Family, The Chappell Family, The Soaries Family, The Whitaker Family, The Dixon Family and The Collette Family.


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